Top 5 YouTube Channels on Finance

Money talks. Or should we say YouTubers talk.

Sifting through all the cringe-worthy channels to find one that speaks to you can be rough. So we’ve broken it down to our top 5 channels. Whether you’re looking more for a casual morning news show or a sassy finance guru, our article allows you to learn more about finance in whatever way works best for you.

The Financial Diet

These down-to-earth YouTubers break down different financial topics into easy, bite-sized clips so if you’re looking for something more chill to add to your daily routine, then the Financial Diet is the way to go! They are relatable, resourceful, and calming to listen to, just like a morning news show host. With videos like “My 7 Worst Financial Decisions,” they don’t hesitate to get up close and personal with their own financial struggles and how they’ve overcome them. Some other topics they cover are lifestyle fixes, 3-minute guides, career tips, and investment information. Most of their videos revolve around learning new life hacks, sharing personal anecdotes, and developing a better mindset rather than learning the in’s and out’s of the finance industry.

Two Cents

There is no doubt that these people love finance. With a passion. If you’re a documentary geek, then this is the channel for you. The channel features lots of cool graphics and discusses different social phenomena, such as 5 predictable mistakes that humans make with their money. In addition, they love to throw in fun facts and funny analogies, like comparing a house to a piggy bank that you can live inside. They even have a popular segment on their channel called “Run the Numbers” wherein they put a vague financial concept into “real world” examples.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey does not hold back. And if you’re looking for something more gritty and real, then the Dave Ramsey Show might be the channel for you. Real people call in and ask questions, and Dave answers their question in true guru fashion by bluntly voicing his thoughts and opinions. He says it as it is and doesn’t really care if he offends anybody. To give you an idea of what we mean by this, here is a quote from one of his shows:

“…. And so that’s what rich people say. And what your broke brother-in-law thinks or what some  journalism student with $82,000 in student loan debt writes on Market Watch I couldn’t care less about.”

Ryan Scribner 

If you want someone to get down and dirty with different financial concepts, then Ryan Scribner is the man for you. This channel is more old school, and most of its teaching takes place on a dry erase board. However, it’s also jam-packed with information so that every viewer, no matter their experience-level, can take advantage of different financial strategies. This channel is geared towards those go-getters out there who want to know how to save money and make money through real-time life hacks and financial strategies. Topics include how to get a passive income, reviews on different investment firms, and interviews with top financial executives. However, if you want to get anything from these videos, you do have to be paying attention (i.e. not be looking at your phone at the same time).

Kris Krohn 

This real estate savvy YouTuber is here to improve your life by sharing principles that have made him a success. He goes over topics very simply and never rushes through an explanation, making him the perfect coach for beginners or people who need a lot of guidance. His channel is primarily based on strategies he implements in his own life such as fixing bad credit, finding good real estate investments, protecting yourself financially, and even why you should give your kids money baths (as weird as that sounds). If you need a good kick in the butt to start improving your life and finances, then this is the channel for you. With new videos coming out every day, you won’t run out of motivation or information anytime soon!

Start Learning Today

Find out what style works best for you, whether it’s the finance guru, the teacher, the life coach, the documentary geek, or the morning news show host, and start working on your finances today.

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