It’s Not Always Black and White . . . Except When It is

 LOVE: many shades of gray. We’ve heard there’s 50 😉

 POLITICS: lots of gray areas (especially when you look at our line-up of presidential candidates)

 MORTGAGES: like old movies, Sunday crosswords, and double-stuffed Oreos, we’re about as black and white on the matter as you can get. 

Let us explain. 

Americans spend 4+ hours a day killing time and yet nearly 50% of consumers can’t spare the 10 minutes it takes to get an additional quote on their mortgage. This is in spite of the fact that 80% of consumers usually save between $2,089 and $3,904 by shopping around.

Let’s see what this means on a national scale:

 In 2018, 7.71 million mortgages were closed. 47% of borrowers accepted the first offer they got. When you factor in average savings from shopping around, this means that homeowners collectively overpaid between 6 and 11.3 billion dollars for their mortgage in interest alone. 

 This is not right, which is why we’re here to put an end to the pains and inefficiencies and financial tolls of the mortgage industry one step at a time: by putting money and power back where it belongs; by holding banks and lenders accountable; by informing homeowners of their rights and options. This is how we’re making lasting change. Today, it’s our look, but tomorrow, it will be the industry. 

 We’ve updated our look to reflect what’s always been true: we’re different and not afraid to show it. Our refusal to play by the rules is demonstrated in a design style that’s clean, simple, and unapologetically unique.

 Our colors remind users that while we are professional and reliable, we are also confident and unafraid to stand out. Rather than follow the same old design principles, our bold and striking colors reflect our commitment to challenging the status quo.

 Along a similar vein, our logo is a nod to technology and innovation, something the mortgage industry is sorely missing. Its simplicity acknowledges that while finance and mortgages are not always straightforward, they don’t have to be so complicated either. With the right tools, they can be as simple as deciding whether to swipe right or not.  

 But amidst all this change, some things will always stay the same: 

 We’re still here for you. We’re still not afraid to be different. And we’re still committed to transforming the mortgage industry one mortgage at a time. 

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